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Remote Video Surveillance

Do you know how secure your property or business is right now? Without the right security
technology installed, it’s impossible to tell what is happening in and around your property without
physically being present. With real-time remote video surveillance and remote guarding capabilities,
you can spot potential threats and dramatically improve response times.

What is Remote Guarding?

Remote guarding is a security technique which uses site-based CCTV to provide real-time video
surveillance without the costs of having security personnel physically on-site.

Remote video surveillance cameras with advanced video analytics software enhance remote
guarding capabilities by utilizing intelligent AI systems. Potential threats are detected via cameras
which possess analytical abilities that scan and analyze the received footage with alerts set that are
based on pre-defined parameters.

If a threat is detected, security personnel are then alerted who can then respond to the situation
accordingly. A fast response time helps to reduce damage, prevent loss, and also allows the capture
of evidence for effective prosecution.

Advantages of Remote Guarding and Remote Video Surveillance

Remote guarding is an innovative and cost-effective solution to on-site personnel, which typically
increase the costs of security without necessarily improving results due to the inherent problems
associated with human error and lack of vigilance due to boredom.

Remote video surveillance can help remove many of the limitations involved with on-site security
guards, as it utilizes advanced technology and makes use of personnel who possess a higher level of
skill sets.

Be wary of companies which claim to do remote guarding, as many will use broad definitions about
what it entails. For example, video verification, where an image is analyzed to determine if law
enforcement is needed is not remote guarding in a real sense.

In reality, remote guarding involves the use of active personnel who can respond to a video
surveillance alert and physically engage with the perpetrators in real-time. These security guards are
always highly trained individuals who can respond accordingly to dangerous situations.

Remote guarding, while used in conjunction with a sophisticated remote video surveillance system is
a lot more involved than personnel at a monitoring station picking up a phone when they notice a
disturbance on a screen.

Creating Effective Remote Guarding Solutions

For useful remote guarding capabilities, a remote guarding service should comprise the following

Alarm Verification – Cameras scan the area for unauthorized activity and provide status updates on
potential threats. Audible alerts will then notify the potential intruders that their activity is being
monitored and that authorities have been alerted.

Remote Patrol – Using video feeds around the premises a scan is conducted to ensure that no
suspicious activity is occurring around the premises and to ensure that authorized personnel remains
in compliance with company security policies.

Perimeter Protection – Cameras with analytics capabilities monitor locations and scan for potential
threats. If a threat is recognized, live security personnel are then alerted the instant it occurs to
ensure a rapid response time and reduced costs.

Remote video surveillance provides an effective security solution when combined with advanced
remote guarding services which can help keep property and personnel safe while reducing overall
security costs.

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