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Cannabis Compliance

Cannabis compliance in regards to security.

The importance of securing your crop (Why security matters, and how it intertwines with cannabis compliance)

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Compliance is a very important issue for businesses operating in the Cannabis industry and it is an absolute necessity when it comes to meeting the high standards and regulations of the relevant states or national standards (for Canada). The production, processing and sale of cannabis products is highly regulated, and the state needs companies to stick to certain safety standards, which leads to the need of clever security practices that will not only protect a business, but also ensure its compliance. Cannabis businesses can improve their infrastructure and ensuring their compliance rate by hiring security consultants who specialize particularly in this niche. These companies have a wealth of experience in security and compliance, and they can help any business stay on top of their security and compliance needs in order to avoid issues and keep their much-needed license!

Compliance is indeed deeply related to security, and improving a business’ security infrastructures often means to improve compliance-readiness. For this reason, many cannabis companies go to great lengths to ensure that they use state of the art security technologies, as well as hiring personnel such as guards, to enhance the protection of their facility, their valuable product, and the people who work for the company.

If you own a business related to the cannabis industry, you probably understand the importance of running a very safe operation, as well as staying compliance with rules and regulations in your area. These are definitely exciting times for the world of cannabis, as many more markets are opening and people attitude has dramatically shifted throughout the years. With the increasing legalization of marijuana throughout various states (as well as in other countries), producers and growers are expanding their businesses at a really fast pace, and the demand for legal cannabis is now at an all-time high. For this reason, it is very important for producers to start thinking about the safety of their operation and installing proper security measures to protect their product. Keep reading to learn more about how cannabis growers can improve the security standards of their farms, and how hiring a cannabis security consultant could be the best decision for the safety of their businesses. It is vital to select a really viable monitor system, one that would serve you well for actual security purposes, as well as compliance. More so than in other industries, it is really important for cannabis operators to combine their awareness for security with their ability to comply with the very rigid state rules and regulations. In other words, security implementations such as video surveillance systems are actually not to be installed for security purposes alone, but also to make sure that the business conforms to the legal requirements of the state, which are in turn, aimed at safeguarding your business, your products, as well as your community as a whole. Your cannabis security system and its quality could actually become a really predominant factor, which might make or break your chances at securing the necessary license to stay in business and thrive in this rewarding industry!

The importance of security compliance in the cannabis industry.

Security compliance is very important, and indeed, it is actually an absolutely essential concern for marijuana producers, vendors, retailers, and operators alike. Lack of compliance could cause a wide range of issues and in turn cause problems with regulatory authority, and possibly incur in costly fines that could bring a business to its knees, financially. A cannabis security consultant can help you avoid compliance infractions, and set up a solid security network, which will not solely keep your operation safe, but also avoid any violation. Some of the most notable infractions in this industry usually involve the improper installation of cameras, which often don’t have a clear view or have obstructions in their viewing field, preventing users form surveilling the area properly. In addition to that, there could be issues related to the poor maintenance of a surveillance system, or the way records are maintained. In other occasions, companies might fail to comply to security standards in the industry by using outdated equipment, such as video surveillance tools that are not equipped with active monitoring systems (excluding online monitoring and email alerts)

What is the relationship between security and compliance?

In most states, cannabis inventory is seen as “chain-of-custody” and it must be strictly controlled. For this reason, the lack of a proper security and surveillance system is actually a big failure to comply with regulations and normatives in the industry, which are becoming increasingly more strict. In addition to implementing proper monitoring and security infrastructures, they should actually be maintained and monitored routinely, with frequent inspections and care. Any area of a cannabis-related facility should be monitored properly, and especially under the use of video surveillance systems or security personnel. Hiring a cannabis security consulting firm can be an excellent way to make sure that your standards are absolutely up to snuff with current regulations and rules, as well as assisting you with advice on how to improve your overall security infrastructure.

Establish clear and covered points of entry.

Failure to comply with your state’s regulations (which are incredibly tight) might mean that you might not get your license. As you can imagine, this could become a true tragedy for your business! For this reason, it is very important to secure your operation with a solid layout and a great plan. In particular, you should be very aware of managing points of entry, and using various threat detection methods, from guards to alarm systems and other options. If you are working with cannabis security staff, it is really important to make sure they get to know your facility very intimately, so they are able to do their job swiftly and immediately identify anything out of the ordinary.

Video surveillance, monitoring, alarm systems and other security technologies.

Video surveillance is perhaps one of the most pivotal elements to the security of any cannabis operation, and it is absolutely essential for the compliance of your business. As you certainly know, working with cannabis is considered a “chain of custody” process, as mentioned earlier. For this reason, each step of the production, processing, and handling should be accounted for and it should really be one of your primary concerns. Cameras are very important, as well as state-of-the-art monitoring features, such as active monitoring applications to analyze the video feed in real time, and immediately become aware of any possible hazards or alerts. In addition to proper video security installations, alarm systems are also absolutely imperative for any cannabis operation, not only in terms of safety ,but also in terms of compliance standards to meet the strictest local requirements, and more.

Fencing, building fortifications, doors, windows, and more.

There are many security requirements that are an essential aspect of protecting cannabis farms. The security measures that are needed to ensure that the premises are safe can be an expensive and long process at times. Fortunately, one of the most important aspects of security for cannabis farms is quite straightforward, fencing.

Security fencing is one of the most effective ways to ensure that your property is protected. By installing fencing around your premises, you can greatly improve the security and compliance-readiness of your operation. Fencing is not only a secure barrier, but it also acts as a strong deterrent for potential thieves or vandals. In particular, transparent fencing is particularly indicated for cannabis-related businesses, including barbed wire, chain link or similar. In many cases, transparent fences are highly preferable because they don’t provide cover for possible intruders, who could easily hide behind a wooden fence or similar non-transparent fences. In much the same way, doors and windows can greatly be optimized. In particular, fire doors are absolutely ideal, because they are great for security compliance, and they are quite hard to break into!

Most business owners who invest in appropriate fencing solutions will eventually find a decrease in property damages, graffiti vandalism, intrusions, and more. In addition to that, the implementation of proper lights and signs could be absolutely paramount. They can enhance the intelligibility of your infrastructure, and deeply enhance the transparency of your business as a whole. A properly fortified building can be an amazing deterrent for criminals and invaders who seek to enter your facility. It is possible to greatly improve the durability and reliability of your facility in a very cost-effective way, especially through proper planning, and through working with a cannabis industry security consultant, who could assist you in the process of improving the safety and compliance-readiness of your entire business operation. In recent times, unfortunately many cannabis businesses have become victimized by robberies and even serious episodes, such as the death of security personnel in various regions, due to criminal activity. In most cases, a lot of these issues have been linked to poor business security practices, and in particular, poor building fortification and optimization. Lights and signs can be absolutely essential for clear communication, and to further improve the clarity of the layout of your operations.

Another very important aspect of cannabis farming security that is absolutely essential, is the ability to monitor and control the behavior of employees. This is particularly relevant when safeguarding the premises of your business. You can accomplish high levels of security and compliance-readiness simply by setting up checkpoints to ensure that employees aren’t compromising the crop.

These checkpoints can consist of steel turnstiles, clothing changes (from street clothes to a uniform during work hours, which would make it harder to conceal things and bring anything in and out of the facility illicitly). In addition to that, other high-tech solutions can be implemented, including biometric finger scans and access keypads to grant access, just to mention a few. This will limit the access according to the authorized personnel and help you control the flow of the employees and personnel throughout the entire facility.

It’s not just about compliance.

As we stressed several times throughout this article, compliance is actually really important for any business owner in the cannabis business. Having said that, you really should not just limit yourself to simply secure your business facility enough so it stays compliant: exceeding security standards is always a good thing, and the actual security needs of your business will definitely benefit from that. Some business owners try to go for the absolute minimum security infrastructure to get their approval from the state, and once they get the green light, they never really expand their security beyond that. This could be a crucial mistake because it’s not just about what the state requires from you: the danger of theft and other real-life threats to your business, such as industrial espionage or even vandalism could be absolutely real and lurking around the corner. Prepare for the worse, and hope for the best, but always be aware that a business without the sufficient security could become an easy target and a victim. Dedicated security guards can also do wonders for the safety of your operation, as well as for other purposes, such as compliance-readiness. Experienced and carefully vetted security guards can help you meet the highest local standards as well as greatly enhance the safety of your workplace, for your product, and for your employees and facility alike. It is possible to opt for armed or unarmed guards, greatly depending on your particular needs and requirements.

As the cannabis industry is growing at a very fast rate, it is really important to avoid falling victim of complacency. When it comes to the safety of your business, don’t take anything for granted, and pay attention. As the old saying goes, “better safe than sorry!” Take on this opportunity to consider the safety of your business, and learn more about optimizing the security of your operation, to safeguard your product, and your valued staff members alike.

In conclusion, a secure, and more importantly, a compliant facility is the absolute backbone of any cannabis business, and it should never be taken for granted. If you want to make sure that you won’t incur in any risks, or possibly fail to meet the high compliance standards in the state, we highly recommend hiring a professional cannabis compliance contractor such as Cannabis Security Experts ( We can help run a tight ship and ensure smooth sailing, each step of the way! We take pride in providing high-quality customer service through and through, as well as a quality work performed by a talented and passionate team that won’t skimp on details and premium tools to get the job done. We take the security of your business very seriously because we know that it is one of the most important pillars for any cannabis provider out there. Our job is to make sure our clients thrive, meeting or exciting security compliance standards in the state, as well as securing your facility with state-of-the-art measures.

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