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A guide to cannabis security overlays

Cannabis is a fast selling cash-out kind of business. It is one of the businesses in the world in which security is paramount to success. Without a proper security plan in place, there is nowhere you are going with your business. Perhaps those who are joining the industry for the first time may fail to understand the importance of great security. But for those who have been there for long, adapting to new security regulations is the order of the day. You need to be aware of both local and state security requirements to operate peacefully.



Why do you need cannabis security overlays?

Cannabis world has been expanding and growing. This is due to fact that marijuana products have been legalized in many states across the world. This has led to more people joining the marijuana community. As the market expands, there is every need to bring under the order the retailing aspect in the industry. New laws and regulations have been coming up to control how people buy and sell the product.

To run a cannabis dispensary, one must present cannabis security overlays to the legal bodies. These security overlays will determine whether or not you are given the necessary licenses to run your business.

One of the basic security requirements are the cannabis floor plans. You need this to get the permission to grow the plants. In essence, there are some requirements you will have to meet at the end of it all. For example, the plans should show clearly where you want to put your surveillance equipment. The floor plans are supposed to show enough space for both the plants and the people who will be working there to interact effectively.

There are always break-ins in the dispensaries.

When this happens, the authorities and people concerned will want to see footage to make a follow-up. For this reason, there must be a proper security plan in place that will be used as evidence of what might have happened.

You are supposed to keep track of everything that happens in the grower. This is why it is advisable that you have a 24hour surveillance system in places. There are small details, like how the camera should capture the plant. If a plant is diseased, there is a way you are supposed to handle it. When a supervisor comes to check how you handle the plant to disposal, you will have to show them the footage as evidence. If you are not able to prove what you did, you risk losing your business.

Security overlays are not only for the safety of your business and employees, they are also for compliance.

You will have to comply with both local and state regulation for handling your business.

In summary, cannabis security is essential to the success of the business. It is the reason you will have a smooth operation for maximum benefits. As much as cannabis security is essential, achieving it is not a joke. There is a lot you will have to put into consideration. These are some of the best ways to achieve maximum security:

  • When covering points of entry and exit, be very thoughtful
    • It is essential that you get all point of entry covered carefully. These are the areas where most thieves with a target to gain entry into the premises.
  • You must ensure that you have put up proper threat detection equipment. 
    • Cameras are often used for surveillance in such areas. Cameras make it easier to see who is coming into the premises and perhaps their purposes.
  • Apart from the cameras consider putting up audio devices as well as guards in those stations.
    • You will have ensured that the entry points are fully covered.; however, you need to be very thoughtful when putting up these things. Cannabis security is a very tough game, but that does not mean you have to be inconsiderate. It is very easy to find yourself setting up an extremely tough tone for your customer. You can find yourself in constant arguments with cannabis consumers. To avoid this, you need to make your customers understand the importance of the measures you are taking. Working with the guard at the entrance could the best way to have a personal connection with these customers. The guards are the very first point of contact between the customers and your business. You need to train them to make the customer feel welcome at all times. If you have a customer that is not feeling comfortable due to too tight security measures, chances of losing them are very high.
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