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Background Checks

Most states conduct a “state level” industry background along with an FBI check, however what most of the industry is not aware is that the state level checks only go back 10 years looking at criminal history and the FBI checks are only skimming for individuals that are enemies of the state and/or are have federal arrest warrants. These type of checks do not stop someone that has a felony in one state, work in yet another state where the felony was not committed.
Our Federal Level Consumer Reports provide the most elaborate history Cannabis Operations that are hiring entry-level employees, to the C-suite employees. Or even if you are considering due diligence on a new partner, vendor, etc. Our premium reports are 2nd to none in the industry. Try our “Vendor Check” service or reach out to us for personal background checks and consumer reports.

Cannabis Industry Background Checks

The Cannabis industry is still a one in transition and ensuring people are who they claim to be is one essential ingredients for business survival. This is why we’ve made it a compulsion for every of the cannabis business we manage and consult for to carry out background checks on employees, suppliers and every other individual with access to the business.
At Cannabis Security Experts, one of our strengths is carrying out background checks on potential hires. This is in compliance with local, state and federal laws with strict adherence to the Equal Opportunity Commission guidelines. What we help you do is to help mitigate potential risks while staying at the right side of the law. As a cannabis business, you cannot afford negligent hiring.
We comb through several counties, national and internal records database for criminal records. We also subject Social Security Number to tracing and validation. Importantly, sex offenders’ lists are consulted in addition to education verification. We also look into past and present employment records of potential hires to determine professional and character conducts. We may also extend our checks to credit reports, drug testing, MVR and even Watchlist searches. ​
What we do at Cannabis Security Experts is to ensure that you don’t hire the wrong employee that can hinder the smooth running of your business or expose you to litigations. It’s quite a tricky subject due to the need to comply with regulations but there is still an important need and we’ll be the one to do it.
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