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Access Control

We use the latest (but more importantly, the most cost effective) technology when it comes to Cannabis Compliant Access Control. Our trusted partners and vendors are educated on low voltage laws as well as marijuana regulations to ensure compliant and effective access control where it counts. Reach out to us for a consultation on the matter and how we turn your cannabis operation from a soft target to a hardened one that also helps manage personnel and not just deter criminal elements. 

​Cannabis Access Control

As a cannabis business, you shouldn’t leave anything to chance, no stone unturned in securing your business. Due to the peculiarity of your business, limiting access to certain areas is not only essential for the smooth running of your business but for regulatory compliance measures. Cannabis holds a great illicit value, a target of diversion. The major goal of implementing a cannabis access control system is to put in check access to physical areas. Through cannabis access control, we help manage access to sensitive locations within your cannabis business. You’ll be wondering what a cannabis access control can do to your business;
  • Ensure the safety and compliance of your product
  • Ensure that your intellectual property can be protected
  • Makes it easy to conduct an audit trail when breached
  • No need for mechanical keys.
  • Your business assets are not subjected to abuse by your employees
  • Business confidential information are not leaked
  • Intruders are also put at bay
  • and most importantly, your business is secured against litigation from the inability to protect your customers and employees.
At Cannabis Security Experts, we carry out a risk assessment to determine what is to be done. This is then followed by the installation of a cannabis access control system that is guided by our findings during the preliminary risk assessment. Usually, the cannabis access control systems come with different level of security level and features. This is often determined by the pre-empted risk as determined by our experts. Regardless of the assessed security risk, there must be a cannabis access control system at the entry and exit point of the business.
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