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Pennsylvania Security

Pennsylvania Cannabis Security 
There are two huge challenge for the Pennsylvania segment of the United States cannabis industry; security and banking. The two problems are concerns for both the businesses and even the government. This is why there’s the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program, ACT 16 that guides the conduct of cannabis businesses in the state. One of the most important prerequisite for running a cannabis business is to have in place a security plan provided by a registered security outfit. As a business, don’t just settle for any security firm, settle for Cannabis Security Experts.

We are established purposely to cater for the needs of cannabis businesses in Pennsylvania. We usually carry out a risk assessment and listen to the needs of our clients, noting their concerns. Usually, we implement an alarm system, access control, background checks and other security consulting services. This is in line with the requirements of the Tri State Enforcement, the agency insist on tendering of a security foundational plan by all cannabis business in Pennsylvania. The TSE insists on a physical security support, in order to secure your valuable assets from theft, sabotage and burglary.

At Cannabis Security Experts, we also provide a 24 hour, 7 days a week security all year round. We are strategically positioned to tackle all forms of security breaches that can affect the smooth running of your business, your employees and even the industry. Think of us as a provider of tailored industry standard security service for the cannabis industry. 

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