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Cannabis Security Consulting is truly a must for this thriving and immature industry. For your Security Overlays, regimen and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) development, background checks and due diligence, to name just a few. There is a variety of reasons you should retain a good consulting firm overall, but also a strong security consultant. Our Cannabis Security Subject Matter Experts have been guiding our clients through barriers and obstacles that have avoided some of the most cumbersome mistakes for other cannabis licensees. Reach out to us so that we may earn your business and provide a safe and compliant working environment for your marijuana business.
​19 security tips for cannabis business

In the modern cannabis setting, it is a must that you comply with regulations security wise. Before the receive licenses you need from governing bodies, you are required to provide your security overlay. It is part of the requirements to start a cannabis business.
Cannabis security overlay provides governing bodies with the necessary information to give you a go ahead. Security, therefore, is a number one consideration for your business today. Understand however that protecting you cannabis business is not only complying with the state regulations. There are other threats you might not even be aware. The kind of security threats that surprise you are the worst.

You might be sitting relaxed thinking that your business is safe from any form of theft. But when something else comes your way, you then realize you have done nothing security-wise.

Cannabis business is cash-heavy kind of business. It is the same as a bank and jewelry stores. These kinds of companies are quite appealing to thieves. It is common for a track transporting cannabis to come under attack just the same way a money truck could face a robbery.

Growers are still on the way to preventing and dealing with such activities. It is an emerging industry, and not much is happening regarding creating a theft-proof sector. We are going to discuss 20 security tips to help you protect your business.

Choose a proper system

  1. A good monitoring system should serve both security and compliance roles
    Monitoring systems in the cannabis industry have more characters to play that in any other industry. They are not just there for the security purpose alone.
    These systems should be able to serve as a compliance verification system. The state bodies that handle legal requirements will use this to establish the safety of your business. As mentioned above, your cannabis security system determines whether or not you get the necessary license. You need to ensure that the design, equipment and how you place them is nothing but compliant. You are not just buying cameras for other work; you want to look at yourself as well. If at any moment, the cameras go down for more than 30 minutes, you must ensure to notify the regulator. If you look at every law for any state, they all talk about compliance. When you are installing the system, therefore, think both securities as well as respect.
  2. The security company you choose must have the necessary experience
    Its is not easy and not wise handle the monitoring equipment yourself. The right approach would hire an expert security firm that understands what is needed and they can be able to handle it. In a nut-shell, you need a security company that has proved experience in the systems. And it should not be just any systems but regulated systems. You might find yourself paying a lot of money for a security system that has nothing to do with your state laws. That is a significant loss on your side, and the sooner you realize it, the better. It is better to have a company that shows the most experience. All you are looking for is to stay knowing that everything else corrected. You won’t be the one to do the trial and error for the company.
  3. The security company should be aware of local requirements
    In most cases, security companies are only concerned about state laws. However, local laws are just as relevant. You need a security company that knows what the local regulation is all about. It is crucial that you comply with a state as well as local rules.
  4. The company should be deep in the cannabis industry
    Security is always different from industry to industry. You need a security firm that is well vested in the cannabis industry. You can know whether or not the company is knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the business. To do this, listen to how they refer to your business.
  5. You should receive options from the security firm
    You don’t want a security firm that gives you limited options. One can come up and tell you about the risks in the cannabis business. They would then offer you only one opportunity and the most expensive one. That is not the best way you want to handle your business.
    There are always different setups. For this reason, the company should be able to offer you a wide selection of options. Sometimes money is not just enough to help you run other things in the business. A less expensive is perhaps what you should look to get. Look for a deal that favors you in every circumstance.
  6. You need room for growth
    When you are starting, you don’t want to fill your room all at ones. As much as the system is helping you in term of compliance, it will not be much help if you can expand. The security system you choose should give you space to grow. You need to have a way to build on the system so that some other things have space.
    Regulations are never the same, and they are always changing. Today, you will find a specific set of rules that will not be there the next day. Consider the famous saying “don’t put all your eggs in one bucket.” It is the same thing here.
    Business owners sometimes rip out the security systems more than four times. The first inspection is not enough for you to put use a permanent solution.
  7. Don’t stop at compliance
    There are a business owner, especially starters who will consider only the minimum to get the green light from the state. Once they are through with their aim, they never think of doing anything else beyond that. Well, that is a mistake most live to regret. It is never enough complying with the rules alone. In the cannabis business, you don’t want to do what the state wants you to do to get your doors open; you should be able to look beyond the obvious. You need to look at the other options you have to be even safer. Don’t settle for what the state says alone. People can still steal from you. The business belongs to you and not the country; it is you who will get a loss. Once you decide to put up the system, don’t do it for compliance. Do it for yourself because it is all about you. When you have your gear in place, you are the one who will enjoy the benefits of excellent security setup. Cannabis security is more than usual.
  8. Avoid cheap gadgets
    Another huge mistake that people make in the business is to use cheap monitoring gadgets. You might think that you are saving something as far as expenses are concerned. However, wait until there is a break-in in your space. It is then that you will realize how costly your cheap equipment is.
    Always opt for 24-hour surveillance coverage per compliance. The camera will ensure that your business we protected even when you have closed for the day.
    It would even be better to hire a contractor that will have a mandate to watch over your business. If you are going to use a contractor, they must have proper licensing. A security firm that is just there to watch the camera is not a good idea. The company needs to provide protective services your business depends on, and the must show reliability.

The security system should:

  1. Detect issues early enough – this is critical
    A security system needs to prevent people from getting in, not to detect them when they are already in the building. For this reasons, you want a security system that has early detection functionalities. It begins with having exterior cameras that send real-time signals.
    Some criminals will try getting into a building to try out the response time. Early detection will prevent them from ever trying to get into the building again. When someone comes out and tells them to go and not to come again, they won’t. All the thief is doing is trying out your system to see if there are any weak spaces.
  2. Real-time tracking is the number one priority
    There should be notices around the clock. If anything happens to the systems, the owners and managers need to be aware. It does not matter what time this happens. The notifications need to real-time. It might be just one employee who puts off the system to carry out a heist. Real-time information is the best way to stop this.
  3. Protect the assets you deem high-value
    In your operation, all part can never be equal. There are some of the elements that offer the highest returns for criminals. They will be targeting such aspects. It is up to you to understand these parts and protect them.
  4. Have good storage
    The system needs to take the storage factor very seriously. Consider the kind of room you put for your finished products.
    The best systems have vaulted storages. A thief may manage to get into the lobby, but the alarm system will hit before they devise their next move.
  5. Have the same equipment as a bank for surveillance
    External security should be out of the normal range. Securing cannabis facilities is not a cheap thing at all. It needs serious invest. The best practice should be using the same surveillance as the one used at the banks. You don’t want to entertain people hanging around your premises doing nothing. Audio and visual outside security is necessary.
  6. Detect inside jobs
  7. There could be an external threat; most people focus on these. But don’t rule out the possibility of inside jobs. They are the biggest threats to your business.
    Businesses often invest in equipment to keep people from breaking it. They forget the possibility of the threat coming from the inside. The system should, therefore, provide robust internal security as well.

Best strategies would be:

  1. To have a strict identification protocol for both employees and visitors
    The protocols you put in place should be above the norm. Don’t just settle what the state tells you. Go beyond and make you have secure badges for your employees.
  2. Get to know the perpetrators for most break-ins
    It is normal that most break-ins will take place at specific times. For example, you may discover that most of these thefts take place at midnight. They could be spontaneous, meaning the thief is the same. You can use such knowledge to identify the thief and deal with them.
  3. Let people know there is a security system
    Do not make your security system a secret. Let people know that there is a good security system in place. You cameras need to be in areas where they appear to visitors. Doing this ensures that you have a presence far from signs alone.
  4. Ensure there is an honest environment
    Employees can be tempted to steal. In such situations: set policies, procedures, and guidelines. You need to set goals that will help you identify losses. You will quickly know who caused the failures and handle the situation. When employees realize there are strict policies, they will work with honesty.
  5. Cash handling policies should be with proper considerations
    The cash sector is where most the issues in the business arise. A temptation to reduce cut some of the money coming in is always there. You need to have a close monitoring system in place. Have specific people who you can mandate with cash handling. There must be policies that these people will have to follow as well. It would be even better to invest in a cash counting machine. The tips provided in this article can be a great way to establish security in your business. The aim is to go beyond the regulation set for you by the state. Hopefully, you will find them helpful,
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