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Cannabis Compliant Alarm Systems

The functionality and the ability of your alarm system is not only imperative for your cannabis operation, but the compliance aspects and proper installation is also imperative. Our experts and partners will provide the guidance and consultation necessary to get you secure and compliant along with getting a proper installation.

How to identify the best cannabis security provider

There is every reason to install a security system in your cannabis business. Security is one of the essential things that a cannabis company must have. For the past few years, the cannabis industry has witnessed tremendous growth. Demand has grown and business is booming. For this reason, different states are coming up with requirements to ensure a smooth running of the business. System integration is one of the basic requirements. They are not only for the safety of your business and employees but also for compliance. Before you are given a license to operate a cannabis business, you must show your security overlay. After approval, you can go ahead and handle your business. But you will not get the system unless you get a great system installation expert. They should be able to install the best system for you and keep it running all the time. How do you identify the best vendor, therefore? Consider the following considerations.

Must be rooted in the Cannabis Industry

You will know a great service by their level of enthusiasm towards the industry. The way they talk about their services should tell you how familiar they are about the cannabis industry. As much as you are looking for security services, it will not be a good idea to pick on any random service. A great vendor for the security system must be deeply rooted in the cannabis industry. They understand the best strategies to follow when you want the best protection. They will handle your security issues as if they are working on their own projects. Therefore, start vetting by considering their level of dedication and focus.

Must show proper experience

Experience is everything in the cannabis security consideration. You don’t want to be the subject for trial and error. For this reason, you need to identify a company that has been in the cannabis security industry enough. At least they will have tried different techniques and understand what will work best for you.

Should understand both local and state regulations

A great vendor is not the one who understands your local regulations only. Each state has different laws and regulations regarding cannabis retail. A vendor that is conversant with both requirements will not put you in any kind of trouble with authorities. Therefore find out the extent of their knowledge.

Great with technology

Technology in the cannabis industry has developed so much. What you might have known a few years ago might not be the same ideas that work today. Ensure your vendor is great with technology and gadgets. It would be great if you can access your cannabis business from your phone.

Must be Fully licensed

Many cannabis security firms operate without proper licenses. That is a kind of firm that will put your business at great risk. You must make sure the service provider has shown proper licenses, TO INCLUDE LOW VOLTAGE LICENSING, if applicable.


Cannabis security is a must for any cannabis business. For this reason, ensure the vendor for the security installations you get are the best on the market. The guidelines given above should be a great way to start.

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