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Tips For Choosing a Cannabis Security Guard Company

Are you looking for the Best Cannabis Security Guard company? Security is one of the most critical services when running your cannabis operation. Don’t skimp on it…. Read on and understand what to look for. It’s hard enough finding a guard company for any business and even more difficult when searching for one for your Marijuana Business.

Why do you need cannabis security?

Cannabis business in many respects is more difficult to secure than a banking business. There are too many security risks involved that may cause loss of money and products.

When you start dealing in the cannabis industry, licensee’s know that they will be handling a lot of money. It is a cash-out business that is very profitable. The product itself is a risk to travel with as the market is quite extensive. Apart from this, it involves the supply of a lot of cash. 

All these are risk factors that demand unique security correlated around the cultural dynamics behind the cannabis industry. Unless you are very careful, you may be facing a lot of danger.

Transporting cannabis or the money from the growers to the dispensary is not easy.

Apart from logistics issues, your business is at risk of obvious break-ins. You need to protect your business as well as your employees from such threats that come from burglary. And the best way do this, it to have a detailed security system in place. But not just a system, or a guard company, but security procedures and regimens. 

Why do you need a Security Guard Company?

You may not…. That’s where good consultation comes into play complimented by building fortification. There are a variety of factors that come into play to determine whether or not a guard company is right for you. A lot of questions pop up to make this determination. Questions like, are we busy enough during the day to need a guard? Are we busy enough at night? Is the building hardened enough to be secure on its own and not need a guard at all? Can we have a guard in our cultivation/ grow facility? Or is that against regulations and non-compliant? Can my operation even afford guards? Can we afford not to have guards? We can go on and on regarding this and the play, the “what if” game all day with these questions. Consultation from an experienced professional is what is needed first and foremost. 

Experience vs. Cost

This is a constant argument. With security, and thus security guards, not unlike everything else…. You get what you pay for… Do not look at the price but the experience of the company. As much as you may want to consider the cost of hiring the firm you have chosen, experience comes first. A highly experienced company has already seen all that is supposed to be seen. They have failed enough to understand the best practices for success. Take your time to do your homework because that is the only way you will retain a great company. Consider the “Vendor Check” that Cannabis Security Experts offer, check the company’s status with the secretary of state, look at reviews and testimonials, speak with the owner of the operation, validate their licenses and insurance policy, take a look at their contracts…. If they are passing the tests with flying colors as you do your due diligence, then they will likely not be cheap. That doesn’t mean they will be expensive, but they certainly won’t be cheap. You have to weight the options. Now come in new questions again like, does the loss of a harvest (say 500lbs) outweigh the costs of a guard company for a month? Three months? A year?…

They must understand the local requirements

Every state has legal requirements for running a cannabis business. However, most companies only focus on local conditions and forget the overall laws. Such ignorance can land you in trouble. You need a security firm that understands all the rules and are compliant. Ensure the are insured appropriately for the area and know the powers to arrest, gun laws, etc. 

Are they seasoned in the Cannabis Industry?

It would help if the security firm you chose has their roots in the cannabis industry. It is all about focus, there are many firms, but not all are good for the cannabis industry, nor do they understand the cultural dynamics… I keep emphasizing culture, because it’s important, enough to have a consultation on, and I may even write another blog just on cultural dynamics. 
Having that stereotypical para-military look isn’t good for your cannabis operation. We don’t need security operators looking at each of your patrons walking in as a potential threat, but rather sick patients coming in to get their medicine… There is a bold learning curve here for security companies, many of which have not figured this out yet.

What options do they give you?

A good security company should place a variety of services they offer and consultation is a big part of those services. You may not really know what you need. If they give you limited equals limited results. Every cannabis operation is unique and thus having unique almost a la carte options are preferred.

How well do they understand technology?

Is this for a patrolling service? If so, what tracking or GPS technology are they using??? Is there a dispatch? What technology is the dispatch using? Are they logging information down? If so, how? Is it digital and cloud based? Or are they using the old school logbooks (there isn’t necessarily a wrong answer to the last question, but the answer whether logbook or tech-based will likely make a difference to you and their results). 

Armed or Unarmed……?

Oh boy, this is a deep debate. I believe in armed, but responsibly armed. However you may be in an area or leasing a building that doesn’t allow armed, so there are measures for this, but again, rely on consultation.

Reach out to us for further consultation and connection with the right guard company.

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